Gene Expression

  In this page, the gene expressional level of 3 tissues from Saccharum spontaneum, including leaves, rolled-leaves and stems, were deposited. You can query the expression level based on fragments per kilobase of exon per million fragments mapped (FPKM) of specified genes by inputting a gene ID .The expression level of gene is based on RNA-Seq data (read more ), and you can obtain all following data in download page.


Gene ID: Eg:Sspon.001A0000000
NOTE: All tissues (including leaves, rolled-leaves,stems ) were collected from multiple plants. You may search expression level (FPKM) of related gene of multiple tisues by inputting a gene ID.

Leaf Segments

Gene ID: Eg:Sspon.001A0000000
NOTE:Materials were taken from ses-208 of sugarcane for 11 days. Leaves were divided into 15 segments from the base to the tip (a total of 15cm), each segment was 1cm long, and RNA was extracted from each leaf segment.The leaf segment model takes three representative regions of each material.

Circadian Rhythms

Gene ID: Eg:Sspon.001A0000000
NOTE:You can search gene expression level of field-grown sugarcane at 12 time points (at 2-h intervals over a 24-h period).

Seeding Pre-mature and Mature

Gene ID: Eg:Sspon.001A0000000
NOTE:Sugarcane was selected at the seedling stage of 35 days, at the early maturity stage of 9 months and at the maturity stage of 12 months. According to Moore's method of counting sugarcane nodes, sugarcane experimental materials were selected, and 5 tissues were selected for each variety.